Direct Primary Care Is an Alternative to Health Care That Avoids Insurance

Direct Primary Care Is an Alternative to Health Care That Avoids Insurance

With the costs of healthcare settling in the range of $10,000 per person annually, Americans are grappling with a healthcare system that is increasingly becoming unaffordable. Thankfully, a variety of health care that entirely avoids the insurance system, known as direct primary care, is becoming an alternative option Americans are preferring.

Direct primary care is providing family physicians a significant alternative to fee-for-service billing by insurance companies by charging patients monthly, quarterly, or annual fees. The fees charged by direct primary care providers cover all types of primary care services and includes clinical and laboratory services, care coordination, consultative services, as well as Comprehensive Care management. This model is aiming to simplify the system both for direct primary care physicians as well as patients.

Why Is Direct Primary Care Preferred?

A significant number of barriers exist in healthcare on the side of the providers as well as the patients. Providers have stated that the average patient is frustrated because the provider is overburdened with numerous patients, unsatisfactory timelines for interacting with patients, and short patient visits. Pressures also exist from billing and other sources on physicians that are forcing them to provide an unsatisfactory experience to the patient.

Patients visiting hospitals with insurance plans are required to pay high deductibles despite investing around $10,000 for a policy annually. Patients who have insurance but are unable to use it because of the deductibles are compelled to search for direct primary care doctors near them.

Providers Believe a Broken System Is the Reason for The Rise in The Alternative to Healthcare

The direct primary care system is more streamlined for providing healthcare because it limits the number of patients doctors can see and at the same time, provides patients with the option of avoiding expensive insurance plans.

Patients researching for direct primary care physicians near me and finding one for surgeries they need conducting will be able to see the entire pricing for an operation before finding a specialist for that price. Patients who are visiting direct primary care in San Antonio, TX, are adopting this precise method when they select the surgeries that are recommended at specific prices and pay upfront flat prices for the surgery without any insurance being involved. This center was established by qualified professionals who, after years of practicing medicine, finally become frustrated with the healthcare system.

The professionals at direct primary care in San Antonio, TX, despised the way patients were being treated financially and researching around to find the number of medical bankruptcies in America before deciding that healthcare could not be afforded in America in the current circumstances. They eventually decided that the system is indeed broken and needs to be fixed by introducing an alternative method of providing healthcare affordably.

Direct Primary Care Centers Are Not Relying on Federal Money Unlike Other Hospitals

The website of a direct primary care in San Antonio allows patients to view quotations for all types of surgeries. The patient just needs to click on the area of the body where they believe they need surgery or a procedure conducted. The moment the patient provides the necessary information, he/she receives the precise name of the procedure, and a price generated automatically appears before them. Thereafter the option to request a specialist for additional details will also be provided.

Direct primary centers are considering all numbers before totaling them up and adding a margin of 10 to 15% before the price is finally displayed online. The reason they have adopted this procedure is that they do not take federal money to run their centers. It is the patient that is paying a membership according to the manner they have chosen. Centers are aware they would not be permitted to publish prices online if they received Medicare, Medicaid, or federal money.

Is Direct Primary Care Beneficial?

Direct primary care is indeed beneficial because patients are paying an annual or a monthly fee for access to their doctor and receiving most primary care procedures. Direct primary care physicians are spending more time with their patients to provide satisfactory services. Under the circumstances, it can be confirmed that the alternative healthcare model of direct primary care is proving beneficial both for healthcare providers as well as patients.

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