What Is Bio-Identical Pellet Therapy?

What Is Bio-Identical Pellet Therapy?

Hormones, chemical substances, are messengers that control all the body functions such as digestion, immune system, mood, libido, and appetite. So, when there is an imbalance, however minimal, it could have an impact on your body functions.

Although we all experience hormone imbalance at some point, premenopausal and menopausal women are a higher risk. Men also have imbalances at one point in their lifetime.

Hormone imbalance symptoms are different for everyone, but they may include; hot flashes, low libido, loss of energy, memory loss, weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, mood changes, and loss of muscle mass among others.

Several hormone treatments are available, and bio-identical pellet therapy is one of the commonly used.

What is Bio-identical Therapy?

Bio-identical hormones are man-made and structurally identical to the naturally-produced hormones. Common hormones that are used are estrogen, progesterone, androgens/ testosterone. This hormonal therapy is ideal for men and women who have low hormone levels.

Several drug companies have manufactured these hormones. However, you can still get them through compounding– the pharmacists mixed different several steroid hormones as directed by the doctor. At Sana Vida, we offer the compounded type as it is more geared to addressing specific individual needs.

Bio-identical Vs. Conventional Hormone Therapy

Since time immemorial, people have opted for the FDA- approved conventional therapy. However, because they are general, most men and women prefer bio-identical.

Compounded bioidentical pellet therapy is safe and more effective, but it is not FDA regulated. The lack of FDA oversight opens up room for the manufacturing of substandard products. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure you get BIHT from licensed clinics and doctors.

How Does Bio-identical Hormone Therapy Work?

Bio-identical hormone therapy is a hormone replacement therapy that replaces and balance the hormones. As the hormone levels improve, the symptoms will disappear.

Why Choose Pellets?

Pellets are made from organic material and they are small, the size of cooked grain. The pellets are inserted under your skin around the hip area.

Unlike the creams and lotions, pellets release small amounts of hormones into the bloodstream. This reduces the risk of fluctuations experienced with the other hormone therapies.
The pellets begin to work seven to 10 days after implantation and they last for three to five months in women and four to six months in men.

It is vital to get the pellets implantation procedure done by a qualified doctor to minimize risks. At Sana Vida Wellness, we are licensed to offer a pellet implant in San Antonio.

Bio-identical Pellet Dosage?

We closely monitor your progress and adjust the dosage according to your symptoms and needs. Hormones, especially in women, fluctuate daily and that’s why we keep track of your levels regularly.

Our doctor may give you routine urine, blood, and saliva tests to check your hormone levels.

Are Bio-identical Pellet Therapy Safe?

The FDA approved bio-identical hormones have been tested and are safe. Since the compounded hormones are not FDA regulated, there is a possibility that some of the versions are not as safe.

What Are the Risks Involved?

Both conventional hormone therapy and Bio-identical pellet have similar side effects. HT has been reported to cause blood clots, gallbladder or stroke. Although it’s believed that BIHT is safe, no research exists to indicate that they don’t cause the same side effects.

Furthermore, some patients have experienced acne, weight loss, tiredness, headaches, breast tenderness, spotting, mood swings, indigestion, and itchiness around the area where the pellet was inserted.

When to Call the Doctor

Call our doctor if you experience a bad allergic reaction after pellet insertion. Most of the above-mentioned side effects clear up on their own. However, if they persist for a few days it could be an indication that hormone levels are high.

How Much Do They Cost?

The cost of the bio-identical pellet therapy is different in men and women, but it ranges from $150 (initial consultation) to $730 per pellet session. Talk to us about the cost and the financial plans available for you.

Besides Bio-identical pellet therapy, we offer other services such as hormone replacement therapy, weight management, and growth hormone therapy.

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