Frequently Asked Questions

All visits are virtual and by appointment only.



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Open Hours

Mon – Thurs: 9AM – 5PM
Fri – Sun: Closed

  • I want an in-person office visit. Is that possible? We do not offer in-person visits. All of our care is provided online at this time.
  • Do you take insurance for your monthly or consultation fees? We are strictly cash-based. We DO NOT take insurance for any of our services and care. However, medications, lab work, radiology, and other related services are billable to your insurance should you choose. Reimbursement by your carrier is subject to your policy limits and you should contact them for all reimbursement limitations. We also recommend submitting all paid invoices to your insurance carrier for possible reimbursement directly to you.
  • I am interested in your care, but I live outside of Texas. Can I still receive wellness care from you? Great question! Yes, we can provide consultation and wellness care if you live in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Florida, or Colorado. We utilize virtual visits for all our consults and care, so no office visits are required. Prescriptions can be sent to your local pharmacy and specialty medications can be shipped to your home or office.
  • Where do I get bloodwork performed? Another great question! We submit lab orders directly to you via a HIPAA compliant app. We use LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics depending on patient and insurance preference. The printed lab orders may be taken to any LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics location in the United States. We also offer low-cost lab panels for those without insurance.
  • What if I want to cancel my membership? We respect our patient’s healthcare decisions. An initial 3-month commitment is required. There are no cancellation fees should a patient withdraw their membership. After canceling, all patients will be subject to a 7 month waiting period before rejoining any of our programs.